An Unusual Gift

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Unusual Gift image

Your Gift left me burdened

I was buried under its weight…

I started believing the unbelievable,

Started thinking the unthinkable…

I lost the way to generosity

Stopped practising humanity

turned blind to righteousness

humbleness and truthfulness,

Avarice increased ……

I lost my reason to live,

my purpose of wisdom vanished,

I moved a step further …..

my vioce turned harsh and loud

and my virtue disappeared in some tumultuous crowd ……

It was very dark inside, almost black;

my eyes were closed

and then the silence around

could do nothing ……

Eyes were silent, yet heart spoke,

God has not created you to raise like smoke.

for the path you’re chosen to tread on

is blank and dark always ……

Listen to me and move back

in the world where you can smile.

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